Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services and Waiver Services
Mississippi’s ID/DD Waiver provides individualized supports and services to assist people in living successfully at home and in the community and are an alternative to care in institutional settings. These Medicaid funded supports and services are available as long as the cost of supporting individuals in the home or community does not exceed the cost of caring for individuals in institutional settings.
The ID/DD Waiver includes an array of services aimed at assisting people to live as independently as possible in their home and community.  Services include:  Supported Employment, Home and Community Supports, Supervised Residential Habilitation, Day Services-Adult, In-Home Nursing Respite, Community Respite, ICF/MR Respite, Prevocational Services, Specialized Medical Supplies, Behavior Support/Intervention Services, and Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. 
To access ID/DD Waiver services, contact your local CCS office to arrange for an evaluation.  When a person is determined to meet the same level of care criteria as someone applying for admission to an institution, he/she has the option to have his/her name placed on the ID/DD Waiver Planning List.  Before the individual can be enrolled from the Planning List, he/she must be determined eligible for Medicaid. If a person meets the requirements for enrollment in the ID/DD Waiver, his/her Support Coordinator from an ID/DD Regional Center will assist in developing a Plan of Care for the individual.  The Plan of Care will outline the type and amount of ID/DD Waiver services a person is requesting.  The individual must also indicate his/her choice of a provider for each service. The request must be approved by the Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (BIDD) at the Department of Mental Health.  The individual will be notified of the type and amount of service BIDD approves on the Plan of Care.  At that point, the Support Coordinator will notify the chosen agency that the person has been approved to receive services and services will begin.
Services offered through the waiver are :
Support Coordination
Home and Community Supports
Day Services-Adult (DSA)
Prevocational Services
Supervised Residential Habilitation
Supported Employment
Behavior  Support/Intervention
Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech/Language Therapy