Community Support Services
Community Support Services provide an array of support services delivered by community-based, mobile Community Support Specialists (formerly called a "case manager"). CSS are directed towards adults, children, adolescents and families and will vary with respect to hours, type and intensity of services, depending on the changing needs of each individual. The purpose/intent of CSS is to provide specific, measurable, and individualized services to each person served. CSS should be focused on the individual’s ability to succeed in the community; to identify and access needed services; and assist the individual to show improvement in school, work and family and integration and contributions within the community. 
Community Support Services shall include the following: 
  • Identification of strengths which will aid the individual in their recovery and the barriers that will challenge the development of skills necessary for independent functioning in the community. 
  • Individual therapeutic interventions with a beneficiary that directly increase the acquisition of skills needed to accomplish the goals set forth in the Individual Service Plan. 
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, as evidenced by symptom reduction and progress toward goals. 
  • Psychoeducation on the identification and self-management of prescribed medication regimen and communication with the prescribing provider. 
  • Direct interventions in deescalating situations to prevent crisis.
  • Assisting an individual in accessing needed services such as medical, social, educational, transportation, housing, substance abuse, personal care, employment and other services that may be identified in the CSS Activity Plan as components of Health, Home, Purpose and Community. 
  • Assisting the beneficiary and natural supports in implementation of therapeutic interventions outlined in the Individual Service Plan. 
  • Relapse prevention and disease management strategies. 
  • Psychoeducation and training of family, unpaid caregivers, and/or others who have a legitimate role in addressing the needs of the individual. 
  • Facilitation of the Individual Service Plan and/or CSS Activity Plan which includes the active involvement of the beneficiary and the people identified as important in the person’s life. 
Community Support Services are available to individuals with Medicaid. Medicare, VA, Tricare, most private insurances DO NOT cover these services. People without insurance coming from a psychiatric facility may receive short-term, grant-funded CSS if the funding is available. These services are available in all of our seven counties: Choctaw, Clay, Noxubee, Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Webster, and Winston.